Magic: The Gathering - Streets of New Capenna Set Booster Pack
Magic: The Gathering - Streets of New Capenna Set Booster Pack

Crime Always Pays

Welcome to the bustling metropolis of New Capenna. Which family will earn your allegiance?

The Obscura are talented wizards and mystics who use their power to deceive and blackmail. Using distractions, illusions, and hidden mechanisms, they orchestrate scenarios and manipulate outcomes to their benefit. They endeavor to maintain a facade of normalcy in their everyday lives, which allows them to run their schemes without disruption.

The Maestros are old-money vampires who love the finer things in life - and are willing to kill to get them. They maintain a public front as an upstanding organization of art aficionados with a goal of preserving the art and culture of Old Capenna. Beneath this polished veneer, they are a shadowy organization of elite assassins focused on maintaining power, influence, and wealth.

The Riveteers are tough-as-nails artisans who can break buildings as easily as kneecaps. They're a rowdy, brute-force crime faction show skills in industry and construction also make them pros at demolition and intimidation. As skilled artisans, they've transformed the lower levels of the city into a lair worthy of their draconic leader.

The Cabaretti are a fun-loving cult of druids who throw the hottest parties in town. They are the glitterati of the city, and everyone wants to be invited to their feast and dance halls. They use ancient magic to sway the opinion of the masses and keep the Halo flowing. The party never ends if you keep paying, but the moment you stop, you might find it hard to leave.

The Brokers are a demonic law firm that secretly believes a doomsday prophecy - when the Halo dries up, New Capenna will fall. They maintain public law offices where they handle mundane legal matters like property disputes and physical grievances, but their aggressive solicitors havea dubious reputation for being everywhere and showing up at every crisis in the city.

1 Sealed Set Booster Pack
  ‣ 12 Randomized Cards

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