Comic Book Services

Time Travelers has partnered with JoKen Comics to provide easy access to comic cleaning, pressing, and grading services for our customers. Customers can drop off their books at the store for pick up/drop off by JoKen twice a month. JoKen Comics is a CGC Authorized Dealer and the premier comic book cleaning and pressing company in Michigan.

Clean and Press

Fees for clean & press services are paid when the books are returned to you. Costs are set by JoKen and are comparable to CSS and actually lower in most cases. Time Travelers does not add any charge for pick up and drop off services.

Turn around time for books to be cleaned & pressed is approximately two weeks from pick up. Pick ups are generally every other Friday, but timing can differ depending on holidays, vacations, or other reasons. For example, if a book is dropped off on a Wednesday, and the next pick up is the next Friday, your book will be back to you in two and a half weeks. If the next pick up is is not until the next following Friday, your book will be back after three and a half weeks.


Sending your book to CGC for grading is simple. Just let us know when dropping off that you'd like your books graded and Joken will send them directly from their facilities to the CGC. Having a third party service clean and press your books, instead of using CGC-affiliated CSS, can significantly reduce the amount of time your books will spend in grading.

In most cases, CGC charges are passed on directly to the customer and paid when books are returned from the CGC. Fees for very high-value books may need to be paid when CGC requires payment from JoKen.