Griffith Ave Mural

What is it?

In working with Kobie Solomon, we’ve created a vision for a mural we believe will bring even more vibrancy to downtown Berkley. This project will represent what makes Time Travelers’ community special and enduring, while creating a source of pride and identity in the neighborhood.

The mural will depict your favorite characters from comics, film, literature, trading card games, and more. The Avengers and X-Men, Batman and Superman, Godzilla and Darth Vader, Wonder Woman and Liliana Vess, Mario and Zelda, Pikachu and the Creature from the Black Lagoon – the list goes on!

You can follow every step of our creative process on our social media, with links provided below.

Kobie’s Story

With such work as the Detroit Chimera mural (located at the Russell Industrial Center in Midtown), over the years Kobie Solomon has become an integral member of Detroit’s artistic community, as well as an internationally recognized muralist. In addition to his more widely celebrated projects, he works in graphic design, illustration, tattooing, architecture, and writing.

You can learn more about Kobie and his work on his website:

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