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Lorcana League: Chapter One Organized Play

Get Ready To Quest Illumineers: Time Travelers is now hosting weekly organized play for Disney Lorcana, every Saturday at 3PM!

Earn League Points by playing in matches, introducing new players to the game, and more. Gather League Points for special rewards at the end of each Round (4-week period), and the end of the Season (12-week period), in addition to weekly prizes!

Lorcana League Entries (OCT-2023)

Lorcana League Entries (OCT-2023)
Lorcana League Entries (OCT-2023)

Lorcana League Entries (OCT-2023)

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*** Saturday Afternoons***


Lorcana TCG Weekly League

Every Sarturday at 3pm

Come play the game taking the TCG world by storm. Choose your inks and your champions, quest for lore, and take home prize packs and bragging rights.

Sign up on Melee, Pay in Store

Please confirm start time as league play may be delayed due to other events.