No collection is too large!

Do you have a collection you would like sell? 

Did you find some comics or action figures while cleaning the attic?  If they just aren’t bringing you the joy they used to, bring them over to Time Travelers and we'll make you an offer!

The process is simple

Bring your collection into the store so one of our experts can appraise it and make you an offer. 

Please keep in mind, we need to see your collection in person and won't give quotes or make offers over the phone. 

Why, you ask?

Because when it comes to collectibles, the smallest details matter.  We have to evaluate the condition, the current market, the rarity and the overall demand of the items.  Only once we've accurately considered all these factors can we make an offer.  But rest assured, we always make an offer*.

We payout right away in cash, check, or Trade credit.  Trades are generally worth about 10% more, but it can vary.  Trades for sealed TCG product are treated as cash.

No collection is too large!

If you have an exceptionally large collection, are clearing out a loved one’s home, or emptying a storage space, don’t hesitate to call.  In limited cases, we will make arrangements to come to you.

* Okay, we ALMOST always make an offer.  Sometimes items are too old, beaten up, or too common for us to purchase.  It’s a rare occurrence, but it does happen occasionally.