Pokémon League Challenge!

Pokémon League Challenge tournaments give players an opportunity to earn Championship Points while honing their skills. No invitation or qualification is required; all players who have a Pokémon Trainer Club account and are in good standing with the Play! Pokémon rules are welcome to participate.

Sign up for the event via the Play! Pokémon app or website, then secure your seat by purchasing an event entry below. Event entry can also be purchased in-store.

Each player must bring their own 60-card deck and fill out a deck list. We will have blank decklists available or you may print out your own here: Blank deck list from Pokemon.com

Pokémon League Challenge! Entry [09-23-23]

Pokémon League Challenge! Entry [09-23-23]

Pokémon League Challenge! Entry [09-23-23]

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Pokémon League Challenges are open to all ages and experience levels and are a great introduction to tournament play.

*** Saturday @ 12 pm ***
*** This item is an in-store event - Do not purchase if you cannot be in-store on date ***
*** Prompt arrival is required, arrive early if you need to complete a deck list.  Your entry may be forfeit if you do not arrive on time ***