Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, well, we've got answers.

Events at Time Travelers

Tournaments, pre-releases, artist events, community events, seismic events, cosmic events...

It depends! For some organized events, we'll ask folks to sign up, but for lots of our events we just ask that you give us a heads up via our facebook page. For many events we don't even ask for that, it's more the merrier, but can be first come first serve.

So, what about organized events? Please see the Upcoming Events page for Magic, Pokémon, etc. happening now or coming soon!

When it comes to Friday Night Draft and store Pre-Release Events, our store utilizes the MTG Companion App. If you are interested in participating and do not yet have a Wizards Account, please sign up for one beforehand.

You can get a player ID from Pokémon at this link.

Enter 10 events at Time Travelers and get the 11th event entry FREE

*Cards are nonexchangeable and hold no monetary value.

Selling to Time Travelers

We will buy your collectibles, for cash or for store credit!

We're interested in nearly everything that pertains to pop culture! We buy all sorts, including: toys/action figures, comic books, video games, and collectible card games. As long as it's in good condition respective to its age, we're happy to assess it and make you an offer based on current market value.

Typically, we will not be interested if you bring in any of the following items:

1. Items with significant wear

2. Beanie Babies

3. Most 90s sports cards (They were overproduced)

4. Large signs and posters

5. VHS tapes and most DvDs

We may make exceptions if you bring in a specific item of known value.

No, we will not give quotes over the phone. Minor variations in condition and/or characteristics of many collectibles can have a significant impact on the value which makes it impossible to assess effectively over the phone.

We do not require any form of an appointment, but we do ask that large collections be brought in before 4:30 PM (Tuesday-Saturday) and 3:30 PM (Sunday)

It's best to avoid Friday's and Saturday's as we get very busy and you can end up waiting a very long time.

For very large collections we do make appointments and will make house calls as necessary. Please call the store if you need to make an appointment.

For a purchase to be eligible for Time Travelers ‘Bulk Purchase’ program, the cards must be:

Sorted, Counted, & Near Mint

Pokémon specific minimums:

C/U & Non-Holo Rares: no fewer than 500

All others: no fewer than 100

The following are excluded from bulk purchase:

1. Counterfeit Cards

2. Code cards

3. Jumbo Cards

Pokemon specific exclusions:

1. World Championship Cards

2. Basic Energy Cards

10% bonus for Store Trade-in, cannot be used towards booster boxes and select limited stock items (e.g. out of print ETBs, collections, etc.)

Our Rates:

Magic: The Gathering TCG:

$2/1,000 for Commons and Uncommons,

$0.10/Rare or Mythics in near mint condition

Pokémon TCG:

Common / Uncommon - $0.01

Rares - $0.04

Reverse Holo C/U - $0.06

Holo/Reverse Rares - $0.10 (Excludes Celebrations, Go and other holo sets)

V - $0.50

EX/GX - $0.75

VMax/Full Arts - $1.00

Rainbow/Secret Rares - $2.00


It's hard to believe, but on rare occasion we do actually get a return.

In general, we will accept returns for items in the same condition they were purchased for 14 days with proof of purchase, with a few exceptions as listed below:

1. No Returns on New Comics. Please inspect before buying. 

2. No Returns on Back Issue Comics, TradePaperbacks, and/or Manga. They are purchased as is, new and used. We do allow for exchanges for similar items within 3 days of purchase.

3. Video Games and video game accessories have a 14 day return policy.

4. No Returns on Loose Action Figures/Toys. They are purchased as is.  Please inspect before buying.  We do allow for exchanges for similar items within 7 days of purchase.

5. Sealed Sports and TCG Packs can be returned as long as it is still sealed within 7 days of purchase for any reason.

6. No Returns on Sports or TCG singles, they are purchased as is, new and used. Please inspect before buying.

For certain items, like video game consoles, we will need to match serial numbers to ensure the same device is being returned.

After the return periods described above, we will typically purchase back items in accordance with our policy for buying from the public

Each marketplace has it's own policies that Time Travelers must follow. All returns must be handled through the respective marketplace on which the item was purchased.

Pull List & Pre-orders

Common questions regarding our pull list and pre-orders (online and in store)

Easy Peasy (kind of), you tell us which comic series you want, we put it aside for you in a special box by the register. Then, at your earliest convenience, you come pick up and pay for your comics. Ideally, you then take them home (or wherever), read them, and then tell all your friends how awesome Time Travelers is!

So what's the (kind of) from above for you ask... while the pull list does work as described above, there is some difference between the website based system and the in-store, as follows:

1. In store: If you manage your pull through the store, you can just tell us which characters or store lines you want and we'll pull everything related for you. Don't worry though, tf you don't want something you can put it back on the comic wall.

2. Website: You tell us spefically what you want, right down to the cover and you get exactly that. If you want complete control, this is the way.

If you want something in between, we ask that you sign up in store, and then pre-order specific covers online. We'll match things up when we prepare your pull on Tuesday night.

There are two ways to sign up, either through the store or through the website.

Through the store is easy, just give us a call, email, stop by and we'll take down you info and desired comic subscriptions. Do sign up online, use the "Pull List" list menu above, sign up for an account and add books to your hearts (and wallets) content.

The distributor loads these with a cost of only $3.99, but the actual cost to the store can be much more. It depends on a few factors, so our policy is the send you the actual price to you when you put in a pre-order for it. At that point you are free to accept the quoted price or cancel the pre-order.

We'd love to see your smiling face every week, but we understand that's not always possible. We do ask that you pick up at least once a month. If we don't see you in over a month, we do reserve the right do stop pulling books for you.

That said, if you know that you won't be able to pick up for a while, just let us know. We will be pretty chill about it as long as no one abuses our kindness.

Right now, we do not make folks pre-pay for pulls, and it hasn't been a problem. We do reserve the right to change this policy at any time for everyone, or for specific individuals, so don't be a bad apple!


If you place a pre-order through the site, we will get a notification to approve the pre-order and will reach out to you for payment. Note, that if you pre-order a specific cover for a $5 comic, we'll probably just approve and wait for you to pay when you come in.

Note the Pull List/Pre-order system is separate from the online shop. The online shop is for inventory on hand, pre-orders and subscriptions are items we will receive in the future.

Misc. Q & A

Sometimes you ask some random questions...

Time Travelers will bundle your comics with other customers and our own books when we ship to CGC. You can have CSS clean and press your comics at this time. While you can save some money (and a lot of hassle) having us send in your books, we do charge 10% to cover cost of materials and labor. Our CGC account gets us a 10% discount, so your cost is only slightly increased utilizing this service.

Please note, we cannot control how quickly CSS/CGC returns your books and it can take a LONG time under circumstances. We can update you on the status at any time, but cannot influence the process.