OP Buddy Battles

Introducing Buddy Battles! These are 2-player team battles held alongside other ONE PIECE TCG events like Regionals and Store Tournaments. Buddy Battles are also being planned for Conventions! Work together by consulting with your teammate during the match, a strategy that makes this format great for beginners, casual players, and families to enjoy!

If you're just starting out, looking for more playing time at events, or you have more fun playing on a team, these are perfect for you!

Sign up for the event via Bandai TCG+ app or site, then secure your seat by purchasing your event entry in-store or well, right below!

One Piece Buddy Battles Event Entry [9/15/23]

One Piece Buddy Battles Event Entry [9/15/23]

One Piece Buddy Battles Event Entry [9/15/23]

Regular price $9.95

** This is an in-store event, do not purchase if you will not be in-store on date below **

*** Saturday, September 15th at 6pm ***

** Includes 1x Event Entry, 1x Event Pack Vol. 1, 1x Promotion Pack 2023 Vol. 1 **

*** This event entry is meant for a single player. If you are registering for both players on your team, you will need to purchase two of these ***